SCSM Reporting

System Center grants you access to your IT data in order to help you most effectively measure your IT organization's performance.

SCRM Information

A. What is an IT Governance tool

IT Governance is a management program executed by IT and business managers that empowers those managers to actions, endows their decision-making rights and provides accountability for changes in IT systems and capabilities. The purpose of IT Governance tools is to maximize the business value of IT investments, and to minimize the risk to business performance from these changes and capabilities.

B. What is System Center Reporting Manager

Nowadays, companies rely on IT in order to compete in the business world. They have used IT in many different ways in almost all areas of their business processes. However, governing and managing IT is so tough due to its technical nature. The management must take the impact of IT into consideration, from purchasing assets such as hardware and software to their retirement.

System Center Reporting Manager is one of the IT governance tools that companies use to learn all the details of their IT assets. It a platform for analysis of management data so that IT administrators and managers can query and report IT operations.

SCSM Reporting can create your own query and reporting scenarios. It includes many predefined reports that require no customization, so you can view and use report information immediately after SCRM setup and configuration.

C. Planning for SCRM

When planning to have SCRM, you should have a general understanding of SCRM components and advanced knowledge of SQL Server before you deploy SCRM: directories and files, databases, administrator console, data sources and performance considerations.

D. Deploying SCRM

In deploying SCRM, the following steps are done: ensure that SCRM prerequisites are met, install the SCRM data warehouse and SCRM administrator console on the SQL server, configure the SCRM data source and install the SCRM reports. Refer to the details that describe these steps in further detail.




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